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Re: [IP] pizza for dinner tonight


geneva did the following from a suggestion by fellow poster renee.

we bolused the FULL amount of the pizza ingested.
then...she did a temp basal for 4 hours at 0.3 units HIGHER than normal.  

now remember ..she is only 10 yrs. old. 
 her normal basal at 6 pm is 0.5.  we raised it to 0.8.

(renee brought theirs up to 1.0 for 4 hours. ) 

it worked for us.  maybe you can find a happy medium.  

> I have tried a square wave - and still disaster!  How do you ration pizza
> compared to your normal bolus amount?  Obviously, it takes more, but how
> much more?  Is there a formula for how much?  Anybody know?

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