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Re: [IP] pizza for dinner tonight

OK, my CDE says pizza and Chinese are hard to do for diabetics - when I
mentioned that they were HARD for me - she said NO, they'rre hard for

This post is the first I've seen that indicates it.  How much do you bolus
for pizza?  I;ve used 1 bread exchange per slice (for me, 1.7).  But hours
later, it's over 200 - so how do I compensate?  I don't eat pizza until my
Mother shows up.  She LOVES it and can't eat it at home, due to my father's
restricted diet.  So I eat it rarely.  And always disaster strikes!

I have tried a square wave - and still disaster!  How do you ration pizza
compared to your normal bolus amount?  Obviously, it takes more, but how
much more?  Is there a formula for how much?  Anybody know?

Mom is coming in two weeks, and i know she'll want to get pizza!  Ideas??

Thanks, Jane

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