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Re: [IP] Pump Training.

>>>>>No, Meagan, Matt is not going into the hospital.  His D nurse feels it 
it harder than if her were about doing his business, so you can work on 
basals as they will be normally.  I'm a bit frightened, but then again, i was 
very frightened bringing him home from hospital when diagnosed, and so far 
we've made it.
I went to the hospital for overnight and tested every 2 hours.  Endo set the 
basals.  I chose to go home after one day but had to check bg's every 3 hours 
and call in the #'s to endo.  MM CDE told me that the doctor sets the basals 
and formulas.  I'm on Humalog and love every minute of my pump, however, I 
was a basket case for the first few site changes, shook like a leaf, and did 
make a lot of errors.  I learned from every error and never made them again.  
Actually, I ran high when I first started.  My Endo did not want to take a 
chance on lows.  It all works out and comes together and the help on this 
digest is valuable.  It was suggested in these rooms that I buy the book 
Pumping Insulin which really helped immensely.  The only thing I didn't like 
about the book is that it was not based on H but on R and the #'s didn't 
always compute.  By the way, I did fax in my #'s to Endo every few days for 
awhile.  I'm sure Matt will test often once he knows the freedom he will have 
on the pump.  Lots of luck and happy pumping.             Ellie
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