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Re: [IP] John L - lack of symptoms

In a message dated 10/9/99 5:32:29 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Don't remember how long you have been dm or on pump, so excuse me if this 
info is redundant.  I've been dm 20 yrs, pumping 3.  The longer I had dm the 
fewer were my symptoms of lows until they disappeared altogether, a scarry 
situation.  I was having multiple lows a week while on MDI. After being on 
the pump a few months my lows were greatly reduced and my symptoms returned. 
I've also found that a low reached slowly over several hours has less severe 
symptoms than one where you go from 300 to 50 in an hour.  Another 
possibility if you are still relatively new to dm would be you are having a 
"honeymoon" period where your pancreas has moments of brilliance and actually 
starts working.

Good luck,
<< .  Spooky day yesterday.  Seems like I go through phases where I'm
 hypersensitive to insulin or something.  Last couple of days I've been
 fighting lows.  Last night at bedtime, after a snack and a little
 "activity", I had a weird feeling and rolled outta the rack to test.  No
 symptoms -- head was clear, no sweats, speach unslurred.  I registered a 27.
 Shook my head, did a calibration on the meter, and tested again.  Called my
 bride in case I dropped the milk container or something.  To keep this in
 line with the first paragraph -- Weird.  Usually I'm experiencing symptoms
 by the 40s.... >>
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