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Re: [IP] Pump Training (For Mag, kind of long).

Hi Mag,

I remember the day of our pump training.  I don't know what type of pump your 
son will be using, but with the MM training we went page by page through the 
manual that comes with the pump.  Our daughter (Lauren, age 8) and I had also 
watched the complete video and played with the pump, setting the clock etc.  
The training was uneventful and we finished with me doing my first Silhouette 
insertion and saline running until our appt. the next day with her ped endo.

Of course the first thing that happened was Lauren accidentally pulled the 
set out while playing in the sprinkler.  I didn't reinsert, just waited to do 
that the next day.  Talk about pressure, I had to do my second insertion with 
her ped endo watching and insulin flowing.  I thought we would have to hang 
around the pediatric clinic for the day, but she said no...you can head home. 
 Call if you have any problems.  Yikes!  Well...off we went and checked her 
BG a couple of hours later.  It was 380.  We bolused and checked an hour 
later.  Now it was up to 520.  Not exactly the start I was hoping for. :-)

We took the set out and she took an injection of Humalog.  I called our MM 
training rep, her Dr. and the MM help line.  The first one I could get a hold 
of was MM and they walked me through a check of the pump, etc.  They were 
wonderful.  By the time her Dr. called back we had the problem fixed (think 
it was a kink, the pump was fine) and she was back "online".  By the way, our 
training rep also called back right away.  She was great!

I guess the moral is that unexpected things may happen with Matt's start up, 
but you'll be able to handle them.  Our training was very complete and though 
I was nervous about starting with insulin the next day, I felt prepared.  
Keep your manual and necessary phone numbers handy.  I've read that most 
phone calls to the pump manufacturer occur during the first six months 
pumping.  I'm sure that your Dr. will be conservative when setting Matt's 
initial basal rates and bolus amounts.  You and Matt are going to do great!  
Lauren started pumping the week after school let out for the summer, but I'm 
sure her Dr. would have sent her back to school the next day.  Lauren had no 
limits, other than trying to be consistent on her carb intake at meals until 
the rates were fine tuned a bit.  

Good luck! 
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