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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents

well michael,
speaking of the "check at night that mattered"

I checked geneva at midnight and her "no delivery alarm' was sounding.  was
geneva hearing it?  NO

was I?  NO

turns out she ran out of insulin.  we are getting too complacent about the
insulin lasting for four days.  usually we change every three...decided to
go for four.  somehow..her cartridge went to nothing quite quickly.  guess
we will start being more vigilant about checking the cartridge each night
before bedtime.

this leads me to thinking about when g. goes off to college and she doesn't
hear her no delivery alarms.  will the roommate?

when these kids go off to college...where do they put the insulin?  in a
refridge in the dorm room?  these stupid things are so unreliable as far as
temp. control.  I have actually had to throw out insulin because in a hotel
fridge the damn thing froze!

> Many of you know that I check Lily every night around 2:30. Well....
> last night was one of those nights where it mattered.

you can be darn sure I will continue to do mid -night checks until somehow
MM gets a new beeper that can wake us ALL up!


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