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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents


Same thing happened to Rachel last weekend.  When she went to bed her bg was 
over 130 ... a fine bed time number. I always check her when I go to bed ... 
about 2 hours after she goes to bed. She had dropped to 54. We have her 1/2 a 
juice box (8 oz box). We checked again 1 hour later and she was up to about 
80. A little more juice. We checked again in an hour, and the number was up 
over 130. She woke up at a wonderful 135.  Not quite as wild as Lily, but 
still unusual since she usually has a 50-100 point raise overnight. By the 
way, Rachel also had an intense soccer game that day. Funny thing, she has 
had other tough games only to have her numbers stay high all night ... go 
figure <vbg>.

Rachel's night time numbers have been driving us crazy lately. One night, 
they will rise 100 points, the next night she will be almost the same from 
midnight until 7am.  I don't like the 100 point rise overnight, but there 
have been a few too many times when she doesn't rise that much. I haven't 
tweaked the overnight basals because we haven't found the reason it varies. I 
am semi-content with a wake up of 200 or so, just to avoid those overnight 

I guess I have finally accepted the fact that until she's away at college ... 
6 more years ... I won't get a full night sleep. Probably won't sleep much 
then either.

Mom to Rachel, 12
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