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Re: [IP] MiniMed reply about remote question


I didn't want to post this to the list, but "unique addresses" remind me of 
my younger days ...

As we all know, every Ethernet chip has a unique address, making it 
"impossible" for two Ethernet devices to have the same address. Oooops - 
guess what Bob Burnett discovered several years ago (I do *not* want credit 
for this, cause it was ugly).

The inventors of Ethernet never predicted how pervasive this stuff would 
be. After a bunch of time, they "re assigned" addresses from some of the 
first chips ever produced, assuming those devices were long dead and 
buried. When I worked for Carrier Corporation, we had a huge network crash, 
when some of our hubs started broadcasting duplicate E-Net addresses. After 
many many hours, we discovered some old PCs in the back of several factory 
floors which were using some original 3Com 3C 501 cards - some of the first 
Ethernet adapters available. Seems the hub manufacturer was "reassured" by 
3Com that those addresses were no longer available, and assigned those 
addresses to some of their hub cards. Talk about a bunch of nervous, very 
embarrassed engineers <vbg>

I get nervous with my garage door opener <g>


At 12:12 PM 10/11/99 -0800, you wrote:
> > Each remote has a unique address, which the user enters into the
> > pump when enabling the remote feature.
>Apparently, no two remotes are built with the same address so overlap
>should not be a problem.
>email @ redacted

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