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Re: [IP] Negative point to MM

In a message dated 10/11/99 5:04:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi. I called MM (1-800-933 3322) and the rep told me that they
 can NOT help me to trade the one-week-old 507C pump for a
 new 508. >>
  I think you should call and try again.  And if the rep says they cannot 
help, ask them to connect you to someone who can.  When Stephen first started 
pumping, then sent us 3 boxes of softsets.  He tried them twice and hated 
them.  Tried a silhouette and loved them.  I called to have them exchanged 
and the first person I talked to said can't be done.  I said that I wasn't 
given a choice, this is what came, and it isn't what my son wants, who can 
help me?  She connected me to her boss, who not only exchanged them, but gave 
me the information to mail them so I wouldn't have to pay the return postage. 
 I'm sure since other people have written here that they have exchanged their 
new 507C for a 508 that it can be done.  Oh yeah, I did mention to the 
supervisor that I knew I could exchange them because other people on this 
list did it.  That was when she said ok.  
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