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[IP] re: Pump Training

One thought that may help-Matt will be there to learn too. At 10, he is
probably old enough to figure out how to run the basic functions fairly
easily, and then the two of you can back each other up on things you
have trouble with. Heck, its probably like the VCR thing, he will get it
in 20 seconds while the rest of us wonder what happened! On the other
hand, he will probably need your expertise in the carb counting area. 
Probably if you just start out knowing how to do the "emergency" things
like putting it in stop/suspend, and turning off alarms, there will be
plenty of time to look up other things in the reference book when it
comes time to do the bolus or change the infusion set, etc. We haven't
done the training yet, so I don't know whether they already do this,
but...you could take your manual along, and then when they cover a
specific topic, like programming a bolus, follow it in the manual and
then you only have to write notes next to specific things you need to
clarify. Then you won't come home with 50 pages of notes to sort
through, and maybe it won't seem so overwhelming. Good luck!

>O.K.  Pump training is in 8 days......i just watched some more of the video, 
>learned how to bolus...suspend.....etc.  My question is this. After the 4 hr 
>or so pump training class am i going to come home a basket case, like when 
>you come home from hospital at diagnosis?  I feel i'm not grasping the 
>functions of the pump at all.....i know it's like starting over to an extent 
>but when will i start to feel like i know what i'm doing?  Will Matt just go 
>right off back to school the next day?  Help!!!  I'm freaking out!!!!!!
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