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Re: [IP] Low in the night -- for parents

> I have a 12 to 24 hour time period after exercise that effects my
> BG's.  I'm still trying to come up with a solution for adjusting
> bolus rates during those times.

Lily usually reduces her basal rate by 0.1 u/hr for the nights after 
a tournament-- however this usuaually involves 3-4 games, not just 
one. The results of doing this are not consistent. When it works, she 
does not get low, when it doesn't she gets high. there seems to be a 
great deal of variablity and not much to go on. This particular 
incident probably has some other things we've missed. I would take 
almost 4 units of insulin to move her 200 points, clearly a lot more 
than 0.1 u/hr time 4 hours.  Big ??????

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