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Re: [IP] Pump Protection-Sport Case

> Matt is sooooo active, always on the move, bike riding,
> rollerblading, skateboarding, etc.  Need i say more.  I know you can
> just disconnect when playing sports, like football, etc. but how
> about these everyday activities?  I was going to get the sports-case
> for protection, in case of a fall off bike etc., i know it looks
> awkward but i think it'd be better than not having a pump. What
> should i do?  Nine days till pumping, and the questions are going to
> overwhelm me i know.......

It is very unlikely that he could damage the pump in a fall. The 
sports guard is useful in situations where he might end up in the 
water or when he swims casually. My daughter had one, and lost it 
somewhere 3-4 years ago.... if that gives you an idea of how often it 
was used. She is very active in sports and her pump, or the absense 
thereof has never been a problem. Soccer, swim team, skiing, skin 
diving, etc.....
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