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Re: [IP] 508 hype

> At 09:07 PM 10/9/1999  Greg Felton wrote:
> >Big deal. I have read the posts for a week now, and can still not figure 
> >out why in the hell anyone would want to use a remote control to program a 
> >device that is attached to you 24-7.
> That's because you probably don't wear your pump in your bra or on
> your thigh. Can you imagine trying to bolus in public when you're
> wearing the pump like that?? It could be pretty embarrassing. While
> the remote is not for everyone, for some people it makes a lot of
> sense.  Although I doubt that I would use it either, I'm glad it's
> an option for those that can use it.

When Lily wears "slinky" things, she wears her pump on her thigh in 
her crotch... a remote would be very nice.
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