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[IP] Low in the night -- for parents

Many of you know that I check Lily every night around 2:30. Well.... 
last night was one of those nights where it mattered.

She went to bed with a bg of about 190 -- she bolused to 140 since it 
was only 2 hours or so since she had eaten a small dinner (60g carb). 
At 2:30 she was 68. I've noticed when I wake her and she's a little 
low that it seems sort of like her body is in "cat hanging from 
tonails" mode.... If I check her within 3 or so of when she goes to 
sleep, she wont' crash or go really low until I wake her. This has 
only not worked once although I have awakened her in the high 30's a 
couple of times. She ate three glucose tablets which should raise her 
bg 75 points or so.  A half hour later she was 54. She ate 3 more. A 
half hour after that she was 72. So she ate another and I woke her 30 
minutes later with a bg (finally) of 94. By now it's 4:30 and I've 
gotten the poor kid up 4 times to check her bg.... but all is well. 
She woke this morning to a pleasant 104. The thing that is 
interesting is the cumulative bg drop. She had 8 glucose tablets 
which normally move her bg 25 points each -- that's a total deficit 
of 200 bg points -- definetly CRASH potential. We had a modest dinner 
of perogies and salad, she had some milk -- not anything unusual. 
What was different is that she played a very hard game of soccer 
earlier in the day. I dont' know if dinner bolus was off, but 
certainly the combination of the two things created the problem.

Parents, be vigilant
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