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>it appears to be less blood.  I think
we will disconnect for half and hour and bolus for the basal amount to see
if it clears more.<

I do not bolus with the needle in when  blood backs up.  Although it may
clear out quickly with no problems the cause may be a clot.  If it is a
clot then if the bolus clears out the clot a huge amount of insulin that
has backed up may be infused.  This observation is from having taken out a
needle when blood backed up, bolused or primed insulin and after several
seconds having it gush out.  If this happens with the needle inserted you
have no way of knowing how much insulin has been infused.  I hate changing
sites more than necessary also, but believe it is safer.  BTW since I
started using the Rapid infusion set, blood back ups have virutally been

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