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Re: [IP] a cure

I still think you are missing the point Natalie.  They don't really know
what causes type 1 or type 2.  Why can't type 1's produce more beta cells?
Why'd they go kaput in the first place?  Yes, some applied research is
directed toward replacing beta cells, but that is a small minority of the
basic research being funded.  There is lots of basic research supported by
JDF and the NIH on insulin receptors, insulin sensitivity, mechanisms of
insulin action, and even alternate proteins that affect glucose transport.
This is all relevant to both types 1and 2 , and even your type 1.5 :-)
Maybe it will be lots easier to fix insulin receptors on target tissues
that it will be to regenerate new beta cells.  Insulin receptors after all
are just proteins that are made by cells and turned over regularly, just
like insulin.   From my perspective as a researcher, I'd say it was about
even odds as to which type might be "cured" first.   Either way, I agree it
is years off in the future, but surely not a hundred.   I support the ADA
too (their camps probably saved my life), but I think people just need to
know what they are supporting when they give money.

<<<<The reason that I don't believe any cure is coming for Type 2 is that
they don't even know what causes the insulin resistance, nor what the
mechanism is, and therefore haven't any idea where to target a cure.
Until the insulin resistance is cured, Type 2's and potential Type 2's
will be able, perhaps, to control their diabetes with strict attention
to diet and exercise, and oral meds, but I don't call that a cure, any
more than insulin is a cure for Type 1. I'll call Type 2 cured when a
person can be a couch potato and eat a rotten diet and not develop Type
2 diabetes (as those not genetically predisposed can currently do).
The biggest difference is that they KNOW that Type 1 occurs because beta
cells are destroyed, and so efforts are directed at replacing beta
cells, and preventing further destruction -- I feel that these are
realizable goals, even if not as easy and straightforward as we might
wish. So I AM optimistic that a cure for Type 1 will be found, even if I
can't set a timeline.
With Type 2, I just don't see any cure in sight. Not even on the distant
horizon. So I don't see the ADA going out of business anytime soon. Or
even in a hundred years. The millions of people who are suffering from
Type 2 cannot wait for a cure, and they need the education NOW.

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