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[IP] Dating Games/a parent's nightmare

Dan, our 17 yr-old son, made arrangements to take a girlfriend to a movie
Friday night.  The girl lives 15 minutes away, and 35 minutes after he left
to pick her up she called to ask if he was home.  She said she he hadn't
been there.  Alarms went off in our heads, and we jumped into the car to
search the roadsides and ditches for him.  He didn't have his car phone with
him, and we were panicked.  We arrived at her place, and he still hadn't
been there, nor had he called.  We explained to her AND her parents that
this was not like him, and that he is a diabetic which is why we were so
concerned.  My stomach was sick for the next three hours!

He arrived safely home in good time and explained.  She had told him if he
was late she wouldn't be there.  He arrived to pick her up 5 minutes late,
the house was dark and no one answered the door.  (Her mother was not home
yet.)  He figured she was gone, just like she said.  So he caught up with
his friends and went to the movies without her.  The girl gave him just
enough time to get home before she called us and found out he didn't come
home like she expected him to.  She called twice more that night to see if
he was home yet.

I don't know when we should back off and mind our own business, but I am a
mama bear when it comes to messin' with my kids. My son knows it, and this
girl-child found out!  She appologized to him, told him she was in her room
with her radio on loud and she must've missed him.  Yea, right.  And the
dumb kid took her to a movie the next night!!! 

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