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[IP] Daytech Bob on Pump Choice

When I got my pump a couple of years ago (a Dise) I had minimal info available to me and like most pumpers to be was going nuts trying to decide.  The question of which one is 'best' is really personal as it depends on what you need.  Herein lies the problem, how to decide what you need.  Questions & answers(my sole perspective).  Appearance?  If you're in a profession that requires 'snappy' dressing, the 'pager' appearance option may be a valid one, so as not to become the center of attention at board meetings with your noveau hot colored Disetronic pump BUT my Dise is white with blue letter AND has a solid black clip on case that I usually wear inside my clothing anyway- and virtually no one ever asks me "What's that thing you're wearing?"
Dual wave?  This MM feature is nifty IF you have any gastro paresis problems, or are prone to eating what you want when you want it and have 'issues' with pigging out on ice cream, pizza, peanut butter, or other high fat, high protein meals.  I wish my Dise had this feature, as I both pig out and have gastro.  Two Pumps?  This is great if you're a worry wart and do not want to 'fall back on injections' for any reason whatsoever. I sometimes wonder how long Disetronic will be able to sustain this 2 pump program from a financial perspective.  Also if your diabetes is 'sensitive' and you're prone to making frequent changes in your regime, having two pumps is a godsend.  You can program both of them differently and try them out to see what works best, without starting from ground zero every morning or whatever.  Water sport?  If you're a real water baby- skiier, swimmer, surfer- or otherwise spend a lot of time in the water the Dise is great.  MM however is not really water phobic!
 and a lot of pumpers disconnect for short times in the water anyway. IF you plan to be in the water for hours at a time, the Dise might be a better choice for you.
Sorry this is so long, I do wish someone had given me a few ways to help ME determine what was best for me.  Hope this helps.

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