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[IP] 2 questions

Hi everyone--"Gossamer" (the name I gave my pump, thanks to the idea from 
this list!) and I have been pumping insulin for almost a week now, so I still 
have some dumb questions.  This morning, I checked my site, and there is a 
small, dark red bump just above where the tubing is going into my skin.  My 
blood sugars are not high,and it's not at all sore.  I am bringing some extra 
infusion sets with me to work in case my blood sugars do go high, but should 
I just go ahead and change it?  Has anyone experienced this?  I had a red 
mark last week, sore and not as dark, with some highs, and went ahead and 
changed then, but not sure what to do now.

Also, I'll need to go ahead and change tomorrow morning (that will have been 
3 days), and I think I will have some insulin left in the cartridge.  I'm 
assuming this extra insulin will get thrown out with the cartridge--is there 
any way to conserve it?  After you've been pumping a while, do you figure out 
how much insulin you need to have in the cartridge so it doesn't go to waste, 
or do you just not worry about it?  Help!

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