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Re: [IP] Just a few thoughts

Dear Fran,

Just had to let you know that your mixed feelings are common and perfectly 
understandable.  My 5-yr-old son, Jack, started pumping on 8/10/99.  I was so 
happy that he was going to get the best treatment available, yet I felt 
exactly the way you do about having this machine attached to his perfect 
little body.  However, within about 48 hours of pumping that feeling went 
almost completely away.  Even I couldn't imagine the joy of not inflicting 
pain on my child 4-5 times a day.  All of us were so relieved and thrilled.  
The pump brought back a normalcy to life that we hadn't had since Jack was 19 
months old!!!  The food wars ended, we were no longer bound by the clock, and 
we could all sleep in.  Absolute heaven!  So, now when I see him get ready to 
take a shower and I see that pump attached to his rear end, I may have a 
small pang for the "old" days, but the benefits have FAR outweighed any 
downside.  Imagine, Jack recently went for 5 whole days with  blood sugars in 
the 80-160 range.  Unheard of on shots!  He's happier, feels better, etc. 
etc.  Don't worry, your pump blues won't last long!

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