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Re: [IP] Tara..Welcome back and Congrats

In a message dated 10/10/99 12:31:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Tara
 Congratulations on the birth of your little girl!!  Takes me back about 10 
 years!  My little girl was 8lb 8oz at birth and lost weight in the hospital 
 and there was concern over her weight gain in the first month or two also.  
 nursed also.  But we hung in there together and weight did fine, though she 
 just seems to naturally be a  thin girl, and still is at almost 10 (thanks 
 her father's genes I think, bless his tall slim build).
Babies are expected to lose weight in the first days after birth, in fact 10% 
is what is expected.  However they like them to regain that weight by two 
weeks after birth.  I know I have seen it a lot in my work that automatically 
when a baby isn't gaining according to the chart, a diabetic mother is 
encouraged to supplement.  As long as you are making sufficient supply, the 
baby nurses often and is producing enough wet diapers, then I always choose 
to leave well enough alone.  Not every baby goes along with the chart.  Plus 
I find it interesting that Tara mentioned her daughters growth of length.  
Children often do one then the other not both at the same time.  I guess with 
my experience with breastfeeding I find the same thing holds true as for 
other aspects of diabetes.  If something doesn't look perfect then the 
diabetes must be at fault.  Congratulations on your part Tara for sticking 
with it.

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