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[IP] Snapped tubing, defective insertion set

Kelly's tubing becomes "frayed" at the connection point between the tubing and pump...almost like the "outer" tubing is ripped, but the "inner" tubing seems fine.  We can't smell any insulin leakage, and do not suspect that given the
blood sugars.  We were using the same tubing for the two weeks that we use one cartridge of insulin, but are now changing tubing with every other set change as I suppose most people do.  I was surprised to see this happen, because I'd
never seen anyone mention it, and thought the tubing was sturdier than this.  One night her tubing got caught on the sink, and it completely broke off at the connection point.  Also, we had a tender insertion set where the part
attached to the tubing didn't "click" into the part in her stomach.  We tried it for three days,  no problem with blood sugars, but when we changed the site, it  was actually falling out of the new set.  Anybody else ever encounter
this?  Also, we got a system alarm the other day.  We're using Disetronic.  I changed the batteries, and this solved the problem, but why didn't we just get a "low Battery alarm"?  The system alarm was obnoxious, and Kelly was at
school, and obviously, the alarm couldn't be silenced unless the batteries were taken out, which Kelly nor anybody else knows how, so the alarm continued until I got to the school.  Also, why don't we get a "NO Delivery" alarm, when
the cannula is blocked with blood and no insulin is getting through?


Mary, Kelly's Mom

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