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[IP] How the Pumper's List Benefits Disetronic

As a Disetronic user for the past two years I wanted to let you know that the Insulin Pumper's List is a benefit to Disetronic.  I have found the list the be thee definitive source of information on pumps.  Not only is there an ongoing online 'war' about whether the Dise is better than the MM, there are also endless discussions on supplies, sales reps, innovations and new technology in addition to the fact that MM has decided to help with funding our ever burgeoning list of pumpers, would be pumpers, and parents of pumpers.

Pumpers, as you know, represent a small, select group of individuals who happen to be both more vocal and more active than most folks.  These folks come from all walks of life and myriad occupations and we have members not only throughout the US of A but internationally.  How could this not benefit Disetronic.  The question I have now, is that since the many pumpers at this point support Disetronic, will you return the favor?
Dianne De Mink
(with '$7000'+  invested in Disetronic including supplies)

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