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Re: Cruises, was: Re: [IP] photos of members

At 12:48 AM 10/10/1999  Bob Burnett wrote:
>Earlier maps clearly show the lake, but it's called "Lake StillHere".

Only goes to show you... here today, gon tomorrow.

>And why is "Oregon" still on the map - shouldn't it be called "Ore StillHere"?

Nope... when the miners got here, they realized that there was no gold 
here... hence the name "Ore-gone". This was later shortened to Oregon when 
the signs got partially covered with moss and the last E got eaten away.

Soon after, the fur trappers discovered dirt and trees and all the farmers 
and loggers trailed in. Toward the end of this century, however, the 
Californians, after overrunning and trashing their own state, discovered 
us. It's been downhill ever since. :-)

(A native Oregonian since 1979... a resident of L.A. before that)

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