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Re: [IP] priming

At 07:29 AM 10/10/1999  KL Denney wrote:
>    Is there a difference in the priming rate between 48" and 24" 
> tubing?  My daughter just switched to the shorter tubing.  When she was 
> priming she set it the same as the longer tubing - and had a serious low 
> a few hours later.

You prime the tubing by just pushing insulin into it until you see it 
coming out the other end. You obviously will have to push a bit more to get 
it out the longer tubing, but once the bubbles are out, it shouldn't make 
any difference after that.

The amount you prime the set, however, is determined by the type of set you 
are using and not the tubing. My Silhouette is supposed to be primed with 
0.8 units.

Please let us know how you are doing the tubing prime. I hope you were not 
connecting it BEFORE you primed it. You prime the tubing first THEN connect it.


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