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[IP] How long?


geneva has been pumping since june 10 and we are just beginning to have some
stability.  things will change for her as she grows  (she is ten) and hits
puberty big time.  we still have trouble at night with highs. but , I can
finally relax when I go to bed knowing that we pretty much only have to get
up one time (2-3) to do checks.  (we were testing almost every two hours
this summer!)

yesterday, geneva did not go above 175 all day...which is incredible for
her.   she tends to stay between 100 and 200 with occasional spikes ...when
her site is going bad or she eats too much pizza.

her A1c came back after one month of pumping ...8.3 from 9.1 on injections.
we are seeing the endo this week and hopefully this will come down even

be patient, this is a true science experiment which takes alot of time /
patience and careful record keeping.  we saved all of geneva's logs from
june and I still refer to them for info.  we see patterns and food items
that caused a problem which at the time I ignored.

good luck and welcome to the list.


> >Should I be having
> >completely normal blood sugars by now?

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