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Re: [IP] Two Questions, serious and curious

Bob Burnett wrote:
> My endo recently had two people who were part of the control group (non
> diabetes) in a meter study test with readings over 150.
> One person was diagnosed DM as a result. The other simply had a single high
> reading, not sure what caused, it, but they are following him closely.
> This was a classic example of why a BG test should be part of all doctor
> visits for "non DMers" as well.
> Michael wrote:
> >That is possible, but I know of at least one or two of Lily's friends
> >that have tested around 150 once and never again.

One of the stated goals of the ADA is to be able to diagnose people as
diabetic, whose BGs are CONSISTENTLY high, not those who occasionally
demonstrate a slightly high BG.

The reason is that they want to diagnose people who are at risk of
complications, and NOT diagnose people who aren't. (Obviously, this
applies to Type 2, not to Type 1!)

So no doctor will diagnose a person as diabetic on the basis of one high
BG reading, unless its hugely elevated, and there are other symptoms.
However, if someone shows a high fasting reading, a doctor WILL monitor
them -- sometimes it's a one-time fluke (and possibly the result of a
lab error), and other times it really does indicate the earliest stages
of diabetes.

If I checked someone on my meter, and they showed high, I'd tell them to
ask their doc about it, but I'd NEVER tell them they had diabetes,
because I have neither the tools nor the authority to do that!

Accurate diagnosis is part of what we pay the docs the big bucks for
(and why we're upset when they fail!!!!)!


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