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Re: [IP] Just a few thoughts

   Sending you some cyber {{HUGS}}} here & I'll give you a few more in person 
when we moms meet for lunch at the mall Tuesday!!!
   Your comments are very reminiscent of what my husband was feeling before 
Melissa went on her pump - i.e. that it would be a constant reminder & she'd 
never get "beyond" being "diabetic", instead of being just Melissa. As for 
me, I was probably too shell-shocked to think- period!! I remember her first 
set change taking the 2 of us 45 minutes to figure out & now she does them 
alone in less than 2 minutes.
     So 2 quick thoughts to add to your few ( since I was way too wordy 
yesterday - right IPers???)
     a) almost all of the parents of kids on pumps have commented on the 
remarkably positive change in their child's personna post-pump, because none 
of us gave enough credence to how those high bgs were adversely affecting 
their actions & attitudes
     b) if each one of us contributes in some way to the efforts to raise 
awareness, raise $$$, etc. then the day when we can "remember when..." will 
arrive sooner than later. 
     By the way, it was thanks to YOUR insistence at the Phila. Walk to Cure 
Diabetes committee meetings that our first-ever website was established, 
resulting in over 1000 "hits" and at least 700 on-line registrants for the 
WALK. Just one more shining example of how even ONE person CAN "make a 

Regards, Renee ( pump mom for 3 1/2 years)
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