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Re: [IP] Two Questions, serious and curious

My endo recently had two people who were part of the control group (non 
diabetes) in a meter study test with readings over 150.

One person was diagnosed DM as a result. The other simply had a single high 
reading, not sure what caused, it, but they are following him closely.

This was a classic example of why a BG test should be part of all doctor 
visits for "non DMers" as well.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Michael wrote:

>That is possible, but I know of at least one or two of Lily's friends
>that have tested around 150 once and never again. There are a number
>of possible explanations including the most obvious.
>un-dx'd diabetes
>dirty fingers -- i.e. sugar, etc...
>metabolic perterbation that causes the liver to dump glucose
>and many more I'm sure.
>If she repeatedly tests high, she should see a physician.

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