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Re: [IP] 508 hype

At 09:07 PM 10/9/1999  Greg Felton wrote:
>Big deal. I have read the posts for a week now, and can still not figure 
>out why in the hell anyone would want to use a remote control to program a 
>device that is attached to you 24-7.

That's because you probably don't wear your pump in your bra or on your 
thigh. Can you imagine trying to bolus in public when you're wearing the 
pump like that?? It could be pretty embarrassing. While the remote is not 
for everyone, for some people it makes a lot of sense.  Although I doubt 
that I would use it either, I'm glad it's an option for those that can use it.

As far as the keys go, I've heard that those that got those too sensitive 
keys on the 507c pumps have called and gotten their pumps fixed. I have no 
idea what the keys are like on the 508. They look different in the photo... 
but it's hard to tell. Can any 508 users report on this??

There is a place that you can leave suggestion to MM on their web page. I 
think that they do listen, so why don't you leave your suggestions there. I 
know that I had suggested the multiple profiles for basals rates about a 
year ago... they contacted me and wanted more information about how it 
would be used. I was pleased to see that feature incorporated into the 508.


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