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[IP] How long?

I started pumping insulin on Wednesday and am still having some high blood 
sugars, when it seems that everything should be fine.  I feel really 
confident about the carb counting and corrections, but I am still having some 
"out-of-the-blue" highs.  My doctor changed the basal rate again today (third 
time in four days)--what I'm wondering is, how long it took everyone to 
become "stable" and have their basals figured out.  Should I be having 
completely normal blood sugars by now?

Thanks, Kristin

P.S.  Did check my infusion site and replaced it this morning after one 
unexplained high--it was a little painful when I put it in this morning so 
after the high I decided to change it.  Also ran a bolus through to make sure 
insulin was coming out, and it was.
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