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Re: [IP] Set problems!

email @ redacted wrote:
> I began having this trouble after about 7 months of pumping also -- I had
> just switched from sof-sets to silhouettes at around the same time.  I was
> able to mostly avoid it with very, very elaborate prep, (hibiclens, Bard
> wipes, etc.) but find what seems to be working even better now is to insert
> through a tegaderm.

Well, I've been having trouble with the Tegaderm, also -- I'm allergic
to it and all the other tapes I can find -- and I've been using a
barrier wipe -- not Skin Prep, but some other brand that my insurance
company will pay for -- and THAT's stopped working, too. 

I'm gonna call the infusion pharmacy on Monday and talk to them about it
-- but until then, I'm VERY frustrated!!!!

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