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Re: [IP] Alphabet Soup: JDF?ADA?DRI? JUST DO IT!!!

Teressa and Mag:
    No need to feel less than proud of your own accomplishments! Our first 
year ('92) we raised $500, $880 the next and $1100 the 3rd year, which 
enabled us to attend the awards ceremony. Purely by chance, we wound up 
seated next to the dad of a pre-teen who had raised $13,000! Melissa nearly 
fell off her chair! He explained that they'd mailed letters to practically 
everyone in their small town, to his business contacts, to relatives, to 
friends' relatives, etc. explaining how diabetes had impacted their 
daughter's life....So the next year, we did the same & raised $7700, followed 
by $12,000, $14,000, $22,000 and this year's $23,500! Yes, there are people 
who NEVER donate, some who increase their donations every year, some who 
truly look forward to Melissa's letter to learn what's new in the world of 
diabetes research, some who don't give for 2 years & then suddenly give 
again, etc. etc. My parents also send to people they know, most of whom give 
a $10 check- but 10 of those checks is another $100 and it DOES add up!  
Someone sent $25 in memory of her sister who'd died from complications of 
diabetes. We also had several people whose children collected their own 
checks for Melissa's team, as part of their community service project.  Next 
year, she will be a senior in high school, so this could be our last family 
effort, but if she raises $20,000, that will amount to $100,000 by the year 
2000, since she was first diagnosed. No - it's not YET a CURE, but it is a 
tangible way for Melissa to feel that we ARE making a difference.

Regards, Renee (pump mom - 3 1/2 yrs)
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