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Re: [IP] Glucowatch question

I participated in three studies for the glucowatch. I would not buy one. 
They stick to your arm with a gel pad on the back and you can't get them 
wet. Then trying to take them off they can tear the skin in some 
individuals. They take three hours to calabrate everytime you put a new 
sensor on. When you take the watch off, there can be little blisters that 
break open, scab up and take over a week to heal. These are from the "zaps" 
you get from the iontophoresis process to test the glucose through the skin. 
They can skip readings for many reasons especially if you sweat alot. While 
they read your bg every 20 minutes, that's the only advantage I see so far. 
When it is taking a reading you feel a little tingling and sometimes it 
itches alot and you can't scratch it. It could be good for people who don't 
like to pick their fingers. There are only about 8 spots you can put it on 
your forearms and you have to change the site everytime you put the watch 
on. You can't have hairy arms or you have to shave the site. Too many 
negatives for me.--Wendy in AZ

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>Subject: [IP] Glucowatch question
>Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 21:49:50 EDT
>A friend with a husband with late onset type one reminded me today that 
>the initial flurry and interest, little has been said about the glucowatch.
>I had heard mostly info on its negatives and no one I know bought one.   
>anyone here ever get one and if so, how is it?
>Linda  IDDM 1970, 506 1993, 508 wannabe
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