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Re: [IP] looking for the perfect pump

Before you make up your mind on which pump you want, I suggest you look at 
MiniMed's new 508 pump.  It has a radio frequency device which allows one to 
bolus or suspend from a small remote control.  It has audio or vibrate 
capabilities.  It has a child block.  You can enter how much insulin you put 
into the syringe into the prime screen and the pump keeps track of how much 
insulin you used and alerts you when you have 20 units and again when you 
have 10 units left.  This is nice because I only use 20 units per day and I 
fill my syringe with less than 100 units each set change.  It also has 3 
basal profile capabilites.  For example, I was on the "B" patterning today 
because I went to the ADA walk and "B" means the active days for me.
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