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Re: [IP] Pump Confused? (Real Long)


Nice posting.

> 3)  Doctor's preferred brand

It should be OUR preferred brand.

> 2)  Stronger appearing case, sealed and waterproof.

One big reason I went with the D.

> 1)  No dual wave bolus.

I do this with the temp basel increase.  Has worked fine for me.

Also with the D the insulin delivery is more frequent.  But I don't know how
important that is because we all ( D users as well as MM user ) seem to do just

> IThe MiniMed rep when I told her I was considering both pumps
> she went on the "attack".  She started making statements that were not
> completely true, and then proceeded to break out literature that compared
> both pumps feature by feature.  This brochure was not 100% accurate on the
> Disetronic features, and that bothered me.

Second reason I did not go with MM.  When I first went on a pump in the 80's MM
was the competitor back then and I did not choose them for the unethical
business standards.  I will go to my grave saying this "Both pumps are good, but
it's our choice, not the doctor not the vendor, but ours, for we are the ones
that must live with it and wear it.".   I was recently at a meeting where a D
rep was there.  I was stunned when he said to this entire group, pretty much the
exact same thing, that both pumps are good, there are just differences ...

When someone first mentioned going back on the pump about 2 years ago, all they
told me was MM, never one word about D. This drives me nuts.  MM has Doctors in
their back pocket, in other words the doctors get kick backs from MM, this does
not happen with D, and I doubt if it ever will.  I know this for a fact, because
my Dr. from where I use to live told me and I trust him.  I met the MM rep here
at a meeting.  I told him I was on a D, his response "your loss not mine".

Bottom line every company will have good reps and bad reps.  For me it's about
choice and we the diabetic should be given that choice by our health care
providers as should the reps.  To me it's about our lives our health and no rep
should try to shove either pump down our throats just so they can make a sale.
What ever happened to Ethics and Morals, so far the people I've had to deal with
at D have shown me both.  I have never had this experience with MM, not now and
not 20 years ago.

> Disetronic must be a strong
> competitor because of the reaction I got.  I really think she must make
> commission on each pump sale.  If the Disetronic rep makes commission on
> each sale, he is much more low key about it.

Both reps make a commission.

> represent the company behind them, my vote would be for Disetronic.

In my humble opinion, they do!

> Irep said "if you go on the Disetronic you won't be happy".

I love my D and I am very happy with D.  I just had to call tech support 20
minutes ago.  I got a battery alarm and kept putting in new batteries and they
wouldn't work.  My husband got my spare pump and we stuck more batteries in
there and it worked.  They are sending me replacement batteries for the bad
ones.  They called me back in five minutes.

> decision I will live with for at least 4 years.

Yes, and it's your decision.  Not the doctor, not the rep, not the DE, but

Good Luck in your decision making.  I honestly believe that whateverdecision you
make you will be happy pumping.  :-)

Type I 37 years of 39 and happy with my D which will be one year old on

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