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Re: [IP] Gianna's question: natalie

>One thing that concerns me is that, although you were careful to give
>her a new lancet, the parents might be upset to know that you did
>something to her that involved drawing blood. In general, I wouldn't
>recommend testing friends at school, because someone, somewhere, is
>going to get paranoid, and it could cause a tremendous brouhaha! And
>then the school might use that as an excuse NOT to let you have your
>meter with you. :(
>So I'm not sure whether you shouldn't drop the whole issue, because it
>could really backfire on you. :(

	Thanks Natalie, actually I hadn't thought of this. Grrr ..  .I'm so sick of 
my stupid school with it's beaurocratic (sp?) rules!!! (yes, this is a rant) 
  But you make a good point . . .in reality I doubt her parents would care, 
I doubt she will even tell them . . .i'm not too worried as of yet anyway.  
Oh, and my school nurse doesn't realize that a pump doesn't take your blood 
sugar for you, so she hasn't questioned me testing outside the nurses 
office.  I am not planning on informing her.  --Gianna

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