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Re: [IP] Disetronic back-up pump

On 9 Oct 99, at 12:24, email @ redacted wrote:

> Annette, I also had to fill out the "medical tracking device" form to get
> the second pump.  My distributor told me that Disetronic required that
> they only send one pump and have Disetronic send the next as sort of a
> "checks & balances" thing, to confirm that they are doing things the right
> way, I guess.  I sent in my form early last week, but have no idea how
> long it will take.  I'll be interested to find out what other people have
> to say, since the back-up pump was one of the reasons I went with
> Disetronic.

I received "both" pumps at the same time and was required to send 
in the Medical Tracking Device Registration on both.  This "checks 
& balances" sounds fishy to me and not necessarily a practice of 
Disetronic.  I would "question" the distributor LOUDLY and LONG 
about what is going on.  By the way, my pumps came Next Day 

George Lovelace

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