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[IP] re: ada vs. jdf, re: pump confused

Experience is the key. For years we could so no effect
of JDF or ADA where i am. This past year or so, ADA
has become EXTREMELY involved, that is whom I support,
as they are very involved locally, we have our own
district manager, and they are the ones who help with
the teen support group. JDF has on the otherhand
disappointd me, they are not present and have no means
of starting a local chapter..yes, i asked. They didn't
seem very willing at all to get involved. I know ADA
has a big focus on type 2, but they DO care about type
1's as well, and i prefer getting a willingness to
help response then almost being blown off like
JDF...just my experience..same thing
with the different pumps. MM knew i was unsure, and
they said the important thing was for me to get a
pump, whichever brand. Disetronic both on the phone
and at a pump meeting (B4 i got my pump, but it was
about to arrive..MM) were pushy, and they still seem
to be. I prefer making my own choice and the good
customer service at MM made a difference. Never had a
great phone response from Disetronic...
 just my 2 cents worth. I think you're personal
experiences are the key. I'd love to get involved in
JDF but they are in DC, aren't that close and as of a
few months ago weren't willing to change. When I am
out on my own and probably in a different city
anything could happen...
 Amy, 16
 D'xed 3/7/89
 MM Pump 6/28/99

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