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Re: [IP] Pump Confused? (Real Long) - BG Meter confused too?

I can say that I have really loved having the 2 Disetronic pumps for my son.  
 There's no way he would want to go back to injections for even 24 hours with 
a possible malfunction .  Pumps do malfunction.  I love that when we travel, 
we have a backup pump with us all the time. It's very reassuring in places 
like Yellowstone National Park etc..  I have friends with     children who 
have Minimed and they have had to wait 24 hours to get a backup while theirs 
is repaired.  It's infrequent, but it happens to pumps. They are just 
machines, not perfect.

It would be great to be able to put the best features of both pumps together 
and to have 2 of each with the combined features. (ANIMAS, DAHEDI are you 
listening?) But , it's a trade off.  I believe a temporary increase in basal 
can function as a square wave - but I can't be sure because we don't have a 
Minimed for my son.

If you want your pump set at being able to bolus by .1, I think it would be a 
pain to do this with Disetronic - who wants to press the button 100 times for 
a 10 unit bolus?  My son's is programmed to bolus in .5 increments and it's 
been fine for him.  We just add a little food or subtract a little food - 
it's negligible to round it to where he wants it.  Wer'e talking about a 
tablespoon here or there if it really matters.  We're actually not so precise 
in measuring anymore - we eyeball it and wing it - most often with good 

I know that my son's Disetronic pumps have taken a lot of abuse and have 
survived almost all near disasters.  He has the clear colorless pumps - he 
can  easily see how much insulin is in the cartridge.  He keeps it in his 
pocket, doesn't use a clip at all.  We like the look of it.

I've also heard the MM reps say disparaging remarks about Disetronic's 
product and find it very unprofessional and unnecessary.  Both companies make 
fine products.  Funny how the meter companies don't have a need to chastise 
their competition.  Maybe because they know how innaccurate they ALL are LOL. 
 Read on :-/

 : Clin Chem 1999 Oct;45(10):1821-1825Related Articles, LinkOut 
Newer Portable Glucose Meters-Analytical Improvement Compared with 
Previous Generation Devices? 
Weitgasser R, Gappmayer B, Pichler M 
2nd Department of Medicine, St. Johanns Spital, Salzburg General 
Hospital, Muellner Hauptstrasse 48, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria. Author for 
correspondence: Fax 43-662-651674.
[Record supplied by publisher]
Background: Newer glucose meters are easier to use, but direct 
comparisons with older instruments are lacking. We wished to compare 
analytical performances of four new and four previous generation meters. 
Methods: On average, 248 glucose measurements were performed with two of 
each brand of meter on capillary blood samples from diabetic patients 
attending our outpatient clinic. Two to three different lots of strips 
were used. All measurements were performed by one experienced 
technician, using blood from the same sample for the meters and the 
comparison method (Beckman Analyzer 2). Results were evaluated by 
analysis of clinical relevance using the percentage of values within a 
maximum deviation of 5% from the reference value, by the method of 
residuals, by error grid analysis, and by the CVs for measurements in 
series. Results: Altogether, 1987 blood glucose values were obtained 
with meters compared with the reference values. By error grid analysis, 
the newer devices gave more accurate results without significant 
differences within the group (zone A, 98-98.5%). Except for the One 
Touch II (zone A, 98.5%), the other older devices were less exact (zone 
A, 87-92.5%), which was also true for all other evaluation procedures. 
Conclusions: New generation blood glucose meters are not only smaller 
and more aesthetically appealing but are more accurate compared with 
previous generation devices except the One Touch II. The performance of 
the newer meters improved but did not meet the goals of the latest 
American Diabetes Association recommendations in the hands of an 
experienced operator. 
PMID: 10508129 <A 
t_uids=10508129&dopt=Abstract">Entrez-PubMed </A>

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