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Re: [IP] Disetronic back-up pump

>We go through a local infusion company for the pump and supplies (as decreed
>by our insurance company).  Josh's D pump came two weeks ago and there was
>only one pump.  I called the infusion company and talked to the woman who
>handles all the pump stuff. She told me  I had to fill out a 'Medical
>Tracking Device' paper (which is also the warranty registration) and send it
>back to Disetronic and then they would send the second pump.  How long does
>this take?  I sent the paper two weeks ago.  Just wondering if I should call
>them. or if I am being impatient.  The paper stated that the pump would come
>directly to us.  
The company you are going through doesn't seem to be making much sense here.  We too have to go through an approved supplier for pump & supplies...when mine came about a month & a half ago, both pumps, plenty of insertion sets (all 3 kinds), plenty of cartridges (both kinds), two different videos, etc came in that box- everything, in fact, except the manual!  (This was due to oversight, & when I called about it Diesetronic sent me one & the supplier sent me TWO, along with extensive apologies- so now I have spares should I need them!)  I would call first see if you can reach someone else at the supplier & see if maybe just the woman you spoke with was the confused sort, & then, if that gets no immediate result, call Diesetronic directly & explain the situation.  They are very interested in their customers' satisfaction, & I have found them EXTREMELY responsive regarding my questions or concerns.  (The missing manual arrived UPS Next Day, less than 24 hours after I placed the call!) 
Good luck, & let me know how it all comes out for you!