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[IP] Pump Confused? (Real Long)

Hello Pumpers:
I really need some guidance from the group on which brand of pump.  I have
been on the list for several months now and have learned a wealth of
information about pumping insulin and even diabetes in general.  I have had
diabetes for 35 of my 37 years, and have decided going on the pump will be
the best thing for me and my families future.  I am READY!
I am very analytical by nature, and this type of decision I do a lot of
research into before finalizing.  I have read "Pumping Insulin", I have
contacted both companies and have their information, I have met with both
local pump reps,  I have borrowed both pumps and compared them side by side
and I have done a lot of research on the internet.  I have done everything I
can do but making the final decision on which pump!
I know the list majority is MiniMed users.  To me the Minimed has the
following advantages (these are what I think are advantages)
1)  Has a much more sophisticated way to program and use the pump i.e.. dual
wave bolus, downloadable memory, now - remote control, silent mode -
vibrating, 3 basal sets.  etc.
2)  It looks without a case more like a pager, I am not trying to bring
attention to myself.
3)  Doctor's preferred brand
4)  MiniMed's investment into research
Disadvantages of the MiniMed (personal)
1)  "Clicking" noise especially during bolusing is annoying to me.  As funny
as this might seem it is a big one for me.
2)  Case and Clip arrangement seems to make the pump "bulky"
3)  One Pump
4)  The case and the door to the insulin compartment "seem" fragile.
5)  My insurance will only cover 80% and the cost difference would be around
$1200 dollars.
The Advantages of the Disetronic pump to me are:
1)  Two Pumps
2)  Stronger appearing case, sealed and waterproof.
3)  More quiet delivery.
4)  Better case and clip arrangement.
5)  Pump appears flatter, but is not much more than the MiniMed.  The
rounded edges may play a part in that.
6)  The 80% coverage Disetronic may wave the 20%. No cost to me.
Disadvantages of the Disetronic pump:
1)  No dual wave bolus.
2)  Not much of a memory or downloadable history.
3)  Some features if changes are desired need to be done by the rep.
4)  Disetronic is not that involved or "as much" as MiniMed into research of
diabetes.  This is based only on information both companies supplied.
5)  "Special" Batteries-Cost.
I know the pump brand is personal issue for some pumpers.  Please do not
take offense at these items.  I think, like most of you, that each pump is
great, and it is like buying a car I am just weighty the options.
The last thing is the way the pump reps have operated.  I met with the
Disetronic rep first and he was very professional.  He knew I was
considering both pumps.  He never directly attacked his competition.  He
simply showed me the features of his pump and I ask questions about the
differences.  The MiniMed rep when I told her I was considering both pumps
she went on the "attack".  She started making statements that were not
completely true, and then proceeded to break out literature that compared
both pumps feature by feature.  This brochure was not 100% accurate on the
Disetronic features, and that bothered me.  Disetronic must be a strong
competitor because of the reaction I got.  I really think she must make
commission on each pump sale.  If the Disetronic rep makes commission on
each sale, he is much more low key about it.  I know these are personalities
that I probably will not deal with after I am on the pump, but if they
represent the company behind them, my vote would be for Disetronic.  I know
each of you have had different experiences with each company, some good and
soon bad but it really bothers me on the tactics being used.  As the MiniMed
rep said "if you go on the Disetronic you won't be happy".  I am sure there
are many of you out there that would disagree.
Well this has been very long, and I apologize for that.  I am confused right
now and need soon guidance from the "Pumping Experts".  It will be a
decision I will live with for at least 4 years.  This has helped me list the
advantages and disadvantages of both pumps.  If you want to contact me
privately that is fine.  Thanks for listening.

Diabetic for 35 of my 37 years

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