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[IP] Teachers & Peanuts

Quick note from a Peanuts fanatic...if that's the character you're referencing here, she is Lucy Van Pelt, no relation to the Brown family except for her position as Charlie Brown's sometime psychiatrist & football-snatching nemesis!  :)  Seriously, though...I was not diagnosed until the mid-eighties, so I missed those signs completely.  This may sound like a really off-the-wall thing, but does anyone know of any support/advertizing paraphenalia available anywhere that features the Peanuts characters, or other familiar cartoon characters?  I've done enough "meet me, meet my pump" PR within our school district that any kid grades K-4 could tell you something about diabetes- I feel like I started the year out teaching science or health as opposed to music!  One of the really positive results of this (besides kids understanding what is happening if I have to test & why I seem to have an aquarium-pump tube coming out of my pocket :)  ) is the fact that it gives the diabetic kids/siblings someone to identify with.  I hadn't even thought about this when I made the leap from high school (10 years in the trenches :)  ) to Elementaryland. 
Anyways, this posting got me thinking about how much easier it is for kids to relate to something presented in "cartoon character" terms.  I've ordered one of the shirts (okay, actually MORE than one) from the Insulin-Free World website that features a whole slew of characters...if anyone knows of any other such items, any info. would be greatly appreciated!!
P.S. Just had to clear up the "Lucy" thing- I played Lucy in a community theatre production of Snoopy several years ago, & have since then directed both Snoopy & You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at the high school level...once it gets ahold of you, Peanutsmania can be a terrible addiction!!!
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David wrote

>Does anyone remember the Ketone-test tablets we usedback before bG testing >when blue-fizzies were sugar test?And do you believe or notice how THOSE are >still sold!?
Oh, yes!  Little white tablets, right?  I actually had to run downstairs to make sure that I didn't still have a bottle of them in the far reaches of the bathroom cabinet.  I can believe they're still sold.  But the questions is are the blue fizzies still on the market?
I remember a poster on the wall of the testing room at Joslin Clinic circa 1970.  Lucy brown holding a test tube and singing, "Blue, blue, my test is blue!"