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[IP] ADA vs. JDF history

All the posts on the "evils" of the foundations has started to make me feel
"oogey".  I'll take credit for starting this string based on my rant about
wanting a cure.  Here's a little history and explanation of my whining:

A dear, close relative of mine has been with the ADA for years.  It's been
interesting getting inside scoops from time to time.  One thing I learned is
that the JDF spun off from the ADA due to several folks wishing to change
the organizations focus from Education, Training, and Recognition to Finding
a Cure.

What developed was two separate organizations with differing visions.

I think we've all benefitted from the existence of these organizations, even
though we've all had some negative experiences.  Heck, I've been married 10
years and have had negative experiences with my bride and kids, but I'm not
gonna kick em to the curb because of that.

I truly believe both organizations are working hard to achieve their
visions.  It's just that when I'm feeling sorry for myself because of some
complication or tough time regulating sugars, I lash out to my relative
about the focus of her organization and whine, "I don't give a hoot about
education and recognition, I want a D!@#$ cure!"  Facts are, type 2 is
devastating our population, and we type 1ers are a minority.  There are
several other areas which could probably use more focus, such as the
percentage of federal spending going to diabetes research vs. the percentage
of the population affected by this disease.  I know ADA is pushing for those
kind of reforms, and I'm glad they're on our side.

Pump and list related:  Counting down to Wednesday when I finally get
plugged in with my 507C!  I've given though about requesting an upgrade, but
don't want to delay getting hooked up.  Also, I appreciate this list and you
members.  It's nice to know I'm not alone and to see the major focus being
on the sunny side.  Please cut me off if I start whining "poor me!" and
focusing on the negative.  I wrote a letter some years ago to Diabetes
Forecast responding to a woman who complained about the constant positive
spin when this is such a debilitating disease.  I think I said something
along the lines of it's nice to have some positive when we sit alone and
come up with the negative all on our own.  I think I should take my own

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