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[IP] Driving and symptoms

Actually, this is two annecdotes that aren't related, but I wanted the
subject to reflect the contents.

1.  I carry a Florida drivers license.  Even though we move all over the
country (we're in Connecticut now), I get tired of constantly paying for and
getting a new drivers license.  The license is good for -- well -- ever, it
seems like.  Four people in line in front of me had to verbally answer
medical questions, one of which was "Do you have diabetes?"  When I got up
there, after much mulling and worrying on how I was gonna answer, since I
just wanted the license and no additional hassles, the guy didn't ask me.
Weird?  Maybe because I was younger and in decent shape?  Dunno.

2.  Spooky day yesterday.  Seems like I go through phases where I'm
hypersensitive to insulin or something.  Last couple of days I've been
fighting lows.  Last night at bedtime, after a snack and a little
"activity", I had a weird feeling and rolled outta the rack to test.  No
symptoms -- head was clear, no sweats, speach unslurred.  I registered a 27.
Shook my head, did a calibration on the meter, and tested again.  Called my
bride in case I dropped the milk container or something.  To keep this in
line with the first paragraph -- Weird.  Usually I'm experiencing symptoms
by the 40s....

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