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Re: [IP] Re: Driving Lows


I always check my BG before driving and if it is a long
trip, I stop and check it periodically along the way.

I am living proof that accidents happen close to home. 
Last February I was involved in a near-fatal accident just
2 blocks from where I live.  I was driving a Mazda 626 and
got tangled up with an 18-wheeler with trailer.  The
accident was his fault but I came out the looser.

I am still suffering from the many injuries that came with
this accident.

BTW my BG was OK before the accident and when they checked
it in the hospital ER afterwards it was still OK so DM has
been completely ruled out as a contributing factor.

--- email @ redacted wrote:
>besides, you are just going down to the mall, about a
> mile away....don't you 
> all know, must accidents occur less than 5 miles from
> home!!!!!  It is one 
> thing for me to get on the subway with a bg of 52 or a
> 5th of vodka in me, 
> but NOT behind the wheel of a car!
> Sara, who is WAY tired of the negative image persons with
> diabetes allow to 
> persist!

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