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Re: [IP] More ?s for Carole on hands

In a message dated 10/4/99 9:27:46 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Jeanie,
 Yes you have it!  You have perfectly described a "trigger finger".   >>
Thank you so much for posting this. I was thinking it could be arthritis, but 
it makes more sense to be trigger finger because only the joints in my 
fingers are affected and not the others elsewhere. I have so many beginnings 
of other complications I've just lived with this one and tried to ignore it.

<<She also says that although the 
workmen's comp section of the insurance industry will not admit that this is 
related to typing, etc., she believes it is>>  Of course it is work related. 
I spent 7 years, 50-70 hour weeks, working at desktop publishing for 
Motorola.  When my fingers are "bad" they are frozen in the exact same curved 
position that I type in.  My right hand is at times frozen in "mouse" 
position. We would work thru many nights putting together huge proposals to 
meet deadlines.

<<So I went for the surgery.  Out patient, stitches came 
out in 10 days to 2 weeks then physical therapy for scar management. >>
I'd love to get it fixed, but my biggest fear is being under anesthesia, and 
them messing up my bgs and doing who knows what to me.  How long and what 
kind were you under?  I do have a friend I met here (Fran) who'd go along and 
watch over me and my pump if they'd let her.

Did you get full range of motion back in them?  Did you do more than one 
finger at a time? What is the correct type of Dr to see for this?

Thanks again for the info, you've been great!
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