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[IP] Re: ADA, JDF, etc.

Regarding the recent discussion about ADA and JDF. . .  I am all for funding research for a cure, and I applaud all organizations and
individuals who put money toward that goal.  But there are other facets to these organizations.  In the interim between now and a cure, I
am interested in organizations that will lobby for better insurance coverage, provide support services, and help improve the quality of
life for me and other diabetics (type whatever).

When I was 17-23, I was very fortunate to be involved with ADA's National Youth Leadership Congress, an incredible program that changed my
life and put me in touch with people who are still among my closest friends.  Unfortunately, that program has been eliminated from what ADA
does.  It was not a program that resulted in increased revenue for ADA, and I imagine that is at least part of the reason it was
cancelled.  But it was a program that changed the lives of thousands of young diabetics for the better.  Like diabetes camps, YLC had the
capacity to decrease isolation and increase awareness, confidence, and health    I'd like to see ADA and JDF create and maintain more of
that type of program--where the intangible but profound result is improvement in the quality of people's lives.


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