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[IP] Another view of funding -- ADA

I need to add to my post concerning ADA, it's benefits, and it's
similarities to JDF.  I am a Type 1 -- however, with the level of
complications that I have the closest I am likely to get to a cure is a
transplant.  However,  ADA does accomplish a lot of education.  That can
also be frustrating, but we have to live out what has been dealt until
life can improve.  Those that have been on since the 150 list member
days will remember that my primary frustration with complications also
deals with education.  Tight control (I should have been the poster
child for "good diabetic" in anyone's definition) does NOT equal
avoidance of complications.  So again, I'm on both sides.  We need a
cure, but I need education, support, and battle for continued funding
that ADA does continue to do.  I'll definitely support the organization
that does both.  The reality is that many will have complications long
before 27 years of tight control have gone by.  Think about it.

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