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Cruises, was: Re: [IP] photos of members

At 05:48 PM 10/8/99 -0700, Sam wrote:
>At 10:37 AM 10/8/1999  Bob Burnett wrote:
>>The member profiles with an asterisk * next to them are the ones with 
>>Note that Tom Cruise is no longer a member of the list ........ <vbg>
>Wasn't his sister Alaska a part of the list? Or was her name Cara Bean?  :-)
><With apologies to the Love Boat>

The Cruises are confusing, since there's so many of them. It's a long 

Sea Cruise married a childhood sweetheart from the "old country", O'Sean 
Cruise. They sailed across the sea to America. O'Sean was so thrilled with 
the new life in America, he named his first daughter "Atlantic", in honor 
of the long voyage they made. Atlantic Cruise grew and married, but lost 
contact with the family over the years. They still refer to her as the 
"Lost Cruise".

The son of Sea and O'Sean was Lake Cruise. He grew up to be a tempestuous 
fellow, often "resorting" to fisticuffs when discussions turned 
challenging. He rather enjoyed hearing the townspeople whisper as he walked 
past them on his way to the bar - "There goes Lake, Cruising for a Bruising".

Oh, never mind. Tom's picture's not on the list anymore <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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